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Hawaii Big İsland

Green Beach Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii the big Iceland 10450 km² is the largest aka area if park # all Hawaiian Islands and overall approximately twice as large as the land area of all the other islands. The scenic diversity of the island is overwhelming. Barren deserts of lava alternating with idyllic bays, steamy rainforests and vast cattle pastures. Big Iceland is the Armatus youngest island in the archipelago. Therefore it has less wide beaches compared to the size of the peaks are the highest, and the mountain ecosystems range up until close to the coast. In the heights black sand beach # falling snow in winter regularly, the East Coast is relatively rainy, there is a distinctly desert area in the South, and the valleys of the North are fertile farmland. In contrast to the barren volcanic peaks and lava fields, there are subtropical forests, white sand beaches as well as tiefschwarzem lava sand beaches. The regenarme, sheltered West Coast with beautiful beaches is particularly interesting for the visitor. Here are the most resorts BigSouth point USA# Islands, while the largest, private land property in the entire United States located in the North Kohala district, and “Ka Lae” on the southern point is the southernmost point of the United States of America at the same time.


Hawaii Island

Big Island played always a significant role in the history of the Hawaiian population. Probably the first Polynesian immigrants of the Marquesa Islands landed on this island. The active volcanoes were as the seat of the most important gods (e.g.: Pele the Feuergöttin) viewed. Heiau # to find many temples that scattered over the whole island, bear witness to the deep religiosity of the Islanders. Today, the old faith on big Iceland is currently living as on the other islands. On big Iceland, also the greatest statesman in the history of the archipelago, King Kamehameha I, who United the Islands to a peaceful Kingdom was born. Tourism has become to big Iceland only in the last 20 years one of the major economic mainstays of the island. Sugar cane cultivation and of course the coffee production are much more important and older cattle and agriculture, which operated in the fertile plains of the North. DerPainted Church# Kona coffee from the western part of the island is now world famous. The inhabitants of big Iceland, about 11% of the total population of the country live primarily in the two major cities of the island, Hilo on the eastern coast, where the international airport is located, and in the area of Kailua-Kona. Especially the southern West Coast is rather rural population structure.
Hawaii big island

Hawaii big island

All the attractions of the island are without problems, however you must of course greater distances overcome, as one this perhaps from the other Hawaiian Islands is used. A round-island flight is to create in one day only in a violence tour. While on landing approach, you can see two of the powerful shield volcanoes pile up a jagged coastline, behind derKilauea2#, gently rising, who created the island 700000 years ago. The Mauna Kea at 4205 m and the Mauna Loa 4169 m are the highest peaks of the archipelago. While all the other islands from the activities of or – as in Maui – from two volcanoes have emerged, five major volcanoes were involved in the creation of big Islands. Since 1992, the island increases annually by the constant activity of the Kilauea, whose Lavaströme are poured out in the East of the island in the Pacific Ocean

Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley Big Island



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