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Hawaii weather

Actually, as it should be for a South Sea Paradise, Hawaii has an ideal climate throughout the year. Not too hot, not too cold. In winter the average temperature is 26, during the summer at just under 30 degrees. Not so much the season determines the country of eternal spring weather, but the situation: each island has a tropical green, wet cast and a Lee, desert dry page.
When it rains so, you go to another part of the island, because there the Sun seems most likely. Only to the rainy season in December and January there is anywhere in the Islands prolonged rainfall. The blue Pacific Ocean around the Islands is warm in summer pleasant 26 to 28 degrees, in winter the water is 24 degrees ever “cold”. The steady trade winds bring a pleasant cooling even on the hottest days. iniki
Only a hurricane disturbs the Idyll all few decades and ruffled the Islands. On 12/13 September 1992 devastated the island of Kauai as the hurricane Iniki with winds up to 280 km/h and caused very heavy damage.



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