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Hawaii Maui

Maui is the second largest island of the archipelago with 1885 km² area, and occupies the second place also on the annual number of visitors from Hawaii. With a population of around 88000 live here but fewer people than big Iceland and Oahu. Haleakala Crater extract file is Maui in two geological stages, first picked up the volcanic cone of the mountains in the West from the ocean out of which is the highest peak of the PUU kukui with 1764 m. Later formed the Eastern mountain range of the island with the today 3,050 m high Haleakala, whose Krater is the largest in Hawaii with a diameter of more than 8 km.

Hawaii maui

A 10-km-wide level is formed between the two volcanic massifs, whose Berghänge are characterized by steep, narrow valleys. There and on the gently rising slope of the mountains found fertile red soil, the basis for corn flourishing agriculture. Exotic fruits, sugarcane, pineapple, vegetables are here grown and even wine. The ranches and cool forests located more in the Highlands of Maui. Also at the top, at the Summit of Haleakala, mostly of dense clouds thus thrive in the barren lava stone rare indigenous plant species such as the silver sword. According to Hawaiian mythology, the demi-God Maui started once a the Sun with his Lasso at the Summit of the island’s main volcano. He released again until they, as she had promised him to slow down its daily course of his island. The grateful Hawaiians named after Maui their island and the volcano was given the name of Haleakala. He means: House of the Sun. Lack of Sun people on Maui can not complain even today.
Oheo maui hawaii
The beautiful, white sandy beaches of Lahaina pioneers are around 50 km it invest and the luxurious resort hotels on the southern coast do their for a carefree holiday happiness. Maui is the number of visitors to the most popular Hawaii – island. Building boom and tourist bustle schwappten over Waikiki in recent years after Maui – with action on the beach, trendy surfer scene, fabulous Golf courses, hotel complexes and vibrant nightlife. But thanks to their size, the island has absorbed quite well the growing tourist influx. The long beaches are overcrowded but busy, but not.
ndwasserfall4# apartment complexes are concentrated in two regions: Kaanapali and the coast between Kihei and Makena. In the vast hinterland, at derSprung# north shore and in the mountains, still nature with waterfalls, rainforests, and volcanic ash desert. Already in the early settlement of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui played an important role, inter alia due to the fertility of the land, and by 1843 was the seat of the Hawaiian Kings in Lahaina. Only with the immigration of American and European white, who favored the island of Oahu for economic reasons and because of the favourable and natural port facilities in Honolulu, the island lost its importance. Only the whalers remained faithful to the island, which had chosen Lahaina as a rest area, when they needed a relaxing retreat in winter from months-long voyages in the rough North Pacific. Maui, however, remained significant for the Hawaiian economy due to its fertile soil, where large sugar cane, pineapple, and even rubberwood plantations were formed under favourable climatic conditions.

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